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Success of iVoting University at the Hong Kong International Blockchain Olympics! |

IVoting startup commended is just his success at the Hong Kong International Blockchain Olympics. It’s about the iVoting University tool.

iVoting at the Olympics

Poland was represented in the finals of the International Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL) by six teams. It is worth adding that this was the debut of our country in this competition. In total 59 teams from around the world took part in it, mainly from the Asia region.

“Ultimately, our project received a distinction by losing in extra time, but won the recognition of the jury in Hong Kong, which was impressed by the design, idea and complexity that was achieved during one month of cooperation with students.”

– the creators of the startup are now informing.

iVoting promoted during the event iVoting University. This is the first voting solution in Poland at universities based on blockchain technology. As the creators admit, the inspiration for the project was the current epidemic situation in the country, or rather the consequences of introducing many restrictions associated with the Covid pandemic19. Difficulties concerned the management of institutions and the inability to hold elections to the highest university authorities. The election of the rector and the senate was planned at public universities throughout the country, where in most voting institutions they were scheduled for March-June this year.

The solution is based on open blockchain technology and the VoteCastle protocol, which Carbonet.pl sp.z o.o. has been working on for over a year. from Bielsko-Biała. The protocol is universal in its application and can be used in various voting systems. In addition to the basic version of iVoting, the company also works on voting applications in capital companies (iVoting Business), non-governmental organizations (iVoting NGO) and for opinion polls (iVoting Public Opinion).

The future of the project and iVoting University

The startup plan is such that the iVoting University application will become the next iVoting solution, enabling elections to the highest positions at the university, voting on university councils and student government assemblies, as well as conducting anonymous evaluation surveys.

The presented concept of iVoting University was designed by two students Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Warsaw and presented at the International Blockchain Olympics in Poland and the International Blockchain Olympiad – IBCOL in Hong Kong, in which it was honored by the Award of Merit.

‼ Uk Success of iVoting University at the Hong Kong International Blockchain Olympics! 😃🇵🇱 Poland in the International final …

Published by iVoting Saturday, July 18, 2020

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