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June 25, 2022
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Sylwester Suszek (BitBay) comments on TVN’s “Supervisor” Blocksats

Referring to the material of the “Supervisor”, which was published today on TVN24, which about the activity of the BitBay exchange, we asked for a comment by Sylwester Suszek himself.

BitBay, “Supervisor” and TVN

In connection with the publication of Michał Fuji’s material in TVN’s Supervisor, I declare that in the last three months The BitBay exchange has been the victim of an unlawful provocation aimed at weakening its image. Consequently this was to lead to the collapse or takeover of the company by another entity. Thanks to the company’s protective activities implemented in the area of ​​security of its business environment, unquestionable facts were established, confirmed by witness statements, indicating the collection of false materials by TVN Supervisor – told us the head of the stock exchange.

The material appeared in the thread of the alleged bribe that the journalist who created the material was to receive in order to stop work on the report instead.

Our findings show that the author of the material used a person he knew to stage the handing over of financial benefits to Michał Fuji by a person allegedly associated with the BitBay exchange. The situation was arranged for the needs of preparing TV material Superwizjer TVN, whose goal, for reasons I did not understand, was BitBay. I strongly deny that such a situation will ever happen, and the scene of giving a financial benefit was only a staged provocation in which no one associated with our stock exchange was involved. Such actions are contrary not only to the law, but also to the code of values ​​on which BitBay’s business is based – explains Suszek. – As a result of an internal investigation, which we conducted in cooperation with a detective company, a person was found who was supposed to give Michał Fuji a financial benefit. This man was persuaded by a journalist to play a role in a kind of staging, whose recording was supposed to deprecate my credibility and the reputation of the BitBay exchange itself. The man decided to testify to the truth and become a witness in the case expressing regret and feeling responsible for the dishonest behavior detrimental to the good name of BitBay – he adds.

The reaction of the BitBay boss

Creating false hypotheses about negative overtones about the BitBay exchange on which the TV material is based is an unlawful attack on the digital currency exchange. Harmful and unreliable from the point of view of objectivity of journalistic actions harm the good name of the brand, which enjoys international reputation. These types of activities directed to the detriment of the company are incomprehensible to us, and from the legal point of view – punishable by law. We cannot be indifferent to such practices – continues the head of the largest Polish cryptocurrency exchange.

Suszek will also demand compensation from the authors.

I have already taken legal action to protect my good name and the reputation of the stock exchange. We will demand very much compensation from the authors of the report and the television station. All the compensation obtained will be allocated to support the activities of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – explains.

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