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December 5, 2022
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Terra Virtua announces the premiere of the graphic novel in the form of NFT –

Terra Virtua Collectables Market announced the premiere a graphic novel based on the NFT. Its author is the British artist Nick Percival.

Terra Virtua tokenizes the comic

As announced, the graphic novel entitled “Bloodlines” is based on the NFT and will be released in conjunction with a new interactive comic reading app.

The novel, which is the first in the series, will be released on May 26 for $ 25. This is a story about the fate of four characters fighting to survive in a dystopian world where human emotions take physical forms.

Innovative approach

The author of Bloodlines, Nick Percival, previously worked on comics about characters such as Judge Dredd. He also created “World of Warcraft”, “Magic: The Gathering” and “Dungeons and Dragons”. His first published work appeared in Judge Dredd Magazine. He then began painting a nine-part story set in Judge Dredd’s world, all as part of the Sleeze ‘n’ Ryder series.

– After two years of work, I am delighted to be able to release my new novel “Bloodlines” as NFT. I originally planned to publish it as a traditional graphic novel, but after working with Terra Virtua, I became fascinated by the ways in which NFT enables people to experience art in ways that cannot be reproduced with paper. – he said about the new work. – While I started work before the 2020 events arrived, many of the themes in the series definitely reflect this period. The characters deal with fear, anger and polarization, while the novel explores the theme of the physicality of emotions and the way experiences shape and distort human empathy and compassion – added.

Terra Virtua has also developed an application for reading graphic novels. Its purpose is to enable readers to customize the way they consume the work. Users can go beyond traditional reading experiences with animated graphics. They can also discover hidden surprises that are related to the main narrative.

The Bloodlines series will be available digitally only, and according to the announcement, the comics will also be available as an exclusive collector’s edition, which will include previous sketches and other extras.

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