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June 28, 2022
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Tesla Owner Can Mine Cryptocurrency With His Car

Tesla owner found another use for his electric vehicle and started mining cryptocurrencies, making a profit of $800

Tesla owner Siraj Raval uses his Model 3 to mine cryptocurrencies.

Have you ever thought about being able to mine crypto with an electric car? this is not fiction and it is possible.

Siraj Raval, a passionate about cryptocurrencies, adapted GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) in his vehicle, Tesla Model 3 2018, and managed to extract the equivalent of $800 in Ethereum (calculation base when Ethereum peaked in 2021).

As Raval revealed that he adapted the GPUs to his car battery in order to extract the Ethereum, as if that were not enough, he was also able to mine Bitcoin using free mining software on his Apple Mac mini M1, connecting the device to an inverter in the socket. 12 volts located on the center panel of the car.

Siraj Raval was not the first to achieve this feat, as reported by the portal Webitcoin, in 2017 Chris Allessi, owner of a Tesla Model S, extracts cryptocurrencies using the energy generated by the vehicle. The peculiar setup went viral after the inventor shared images of his mining Model S on group of Tesla car owners on Facebook.

But it is not only with Tesla that it is possible to have a passive income using a vehicle, another that was disclosed by the Webitcoin portal, Simon Byrne, owner of a BMW, model i8, as reported by Simon, he bought BMW for approximately US$ 150,000 and adapted the mini mining farm with its GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards and an ASUS B250 Mining Expert card, all of this was installed in the luggage compartment

You must be asking yourself? Is it profitable?

First, we are aware that when we violate any part of an asset, we are giving up the guarantee of that asset.

According to Raval, he has a return from mining in his vehicle, as he stakes his mined assets, which guarantees him 23% more of his investments. He also revealed that he does not convert his winnings into fiat currency, even the parts that were purchased for mining, cryptocurrencies were used.

Raval also thinks ahead, as he intends to acquire a Tesla autonomous robotaxi in the future, it is still far from happening, but his idea is to use the taxi to provide services and mine.

He will use his earnings from both shipping services and cryptocurrency mining services to pay for his own expenses such as repairs, electricity costs and upgrades.

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