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August 9, 2022
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The ban on Bitcoin is no longer possible – says Tyler Winklevoss –

Bitcoin has probably become too tightly woven into the financial world to be banned at all. That is the sentence of Gemini Stock Exchange CEO Tyler Winklevoss.

The ban on Bitcoin has become impossible

Although the US authorities have long been not particularly sympathetic to Bitcoin, a ban on cryptocurrency is currently unlikely. At least that’s the view of Gemini CEO and co-founder Tyler Winklevoss.

– I think if we were back in 2013 it would be an open question – Winklevoss told podcaster Peter McCormack, when asked about the regulations and the potential ban on Bitcoin in the US. – I believe the US will never ban Bitcoin – added.

This is due to the fact that the market has developed a lot.

– You are talking about companies that provide people with a career, build the economy, some of them go public. They intend to become the driving force of the stock market. Rolling it back up is unlikely to me – he said.

Worldwide adoption is blocking potential intentions to ban BTC

Winklevoss also mentioned regulators as stakeholders. They believe they have the welfare of businesses and consumers in mind, but some may also own BTC and see it as a valuable asset. He also highlighted the trend of cryptocurrency industry leaders hitting important government positions.

– I think there are so many people in the United States who believe it that I think there is an almost 0% chance that for some reason something like this [jak BTC] will be banned – He said.

The same process is said to have already taken place all over the world.

– I think the same about Great Britain and Europe. In Singapore, we are in the process of licensing with MAS [Monetary Authority of Singapore], their highest regulator. They accept it. All jurisdictions that are free and open markets and believe in capitalism, believe in Bitcoin, believe in cryptocurrencies – He said.

Speaking of the cryptocurrency market leaders who had been nominated for government positions, he mentioned that the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network recently selected the former Chainalysis director as its new acting. director.

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