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August 9, 2022
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The best altcoins to earn – Bitcoin Radio # 39 –

Last week was extremely dynamic for the cryptocurrency industry. For the first time in a long time, we can say that the altcoin season has started in earnest. Many small projects, both new and those we know from the previous bull market, perforated exceptionally well. This and much more in the latest episode of Bitcoin Radio!

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Today on Bitcoin Radio

There was a poker tournament 11 years ago. The prize for the winner was 1500 BTC – then the equivalent of $ 120. As you may have guessed, in 2021 this sum would allow not only a good dinner, but also a sufficient retirement pension in a warmer climate. A story analogous to Laszlo Hanyecz’s Bitcoin Pizza – but it is fun every time.

Cardano has been in the spotlight lately. The reason is not only the achievement of ATH through the ADA coin, but also the bold statements of Charles Hoskins, who is at the forefront of the project. Cardano is accused of having no real usefulness. This week, however, we learned that the project is getting ready for a breakthrough. Smart contracts will be launched next month.

Michael Saylor of Microstrategy will become the hero of the coffee grounds corner in episode 39 of Bitcoin Radio. Saylor claims Bitcoin will hit $ 5 million. Seriously. Seriously. It’s kind of funny considering how much his company is “packed” into the king of cryptocurrencies.

The theme of the week

The theme of the week is the officially launched altcoin season. Popular cryptocurrency analyst and youtuber Ben Armstrong shared his opinion on promising altcoins that cost less than $ 1 apiece.

the list includes new items, as well as those that we already know quite well. Interestingly, each item presented by Armstrong has recently experienced a sharp increase in price (even by several hundred percent).

Armstrong’s proposals are not, however, the most important in all this. First of all, the point is that we can finally say that Bitcoin is no longer dominant in terms of growth rate. Many altcoins are growing much faster than Satoshi Nakamoto – what does that suggest? Investors probably want to earn a lot and quickly on something that is not as expensive as BTC – it is understandable. This, however, is very similar to the 2017/18 market mania phase. Do you remember how it ended then? Exactly.

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