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June 28, 2022
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The biggest podcaster in the world believes in cryptocurrencies

The podcaster said that either cryptocurrencies will disappear over time, or they will give us a better way to live our lives.

Podcaster Joe Rogan interviewed Adam Curry on January 8 on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, and said he has “a lot of hope” in cryptocurrencies, but mostly Bitcoin.

“What we’re seeing now is is it going to fall apart completely or are we going to use this as an opportunity to fix the world and find a better way to live our lives.”

Said Joe Rogan after mentioning that he sees Bitcoin and Ethereum as the two main projects. He also said he still doesn’t understand much about the subject.

Podcast guest Adam Curry, an internet entrepreneur, explained the difference between altcoins and bitcoin and that he only invests in bitcoin because of its scarcity of 21 million units.

“It cannot be inflated and you cannot say the same for Ethereum,” said the 57-year-old.


In the interview with Adam Curry in episode number 1,760 from their podcast, they also discussed issues related to the metaverse and its scope, discussing the possibilities and strength that the NFTs will have in this medium.

The 2021 top 1 podcast presenter on spotfy believes that companies will be able to launch their own NFTs, where customers will need to use them to buy their products.

“Apple could easily do that. It’s almost like another version of stocks or something.”

This view of the presenter is interesting, because in 2021 the attitude towards NFTs was completely different, going so far as to comment that NFT makes no sense and was just a hustle for cryptocurrencies.

Adam Curry also made his comments regarding the NFTs and the metaverse, believing that at some point in the future, big institutions and governments will rule everything.

We know that both presenter Joe Rogan and Adam Curry are public figures who change their minds a lot, especially Joe Rogan who has his vision turned to go against the “politically correct“. This concludes that what is said in your podcast is not always taken seriously.

However, this market is showing its strength and we will have new chapters of technological evolution in this segment. Tech giants embracing the sector, as well as traditional industries adapting to the market.

The metaverse shows its strength mainly when companies like Samsung and events like the Australian Open, adhere to this digital medium.

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