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October 4, 2022
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The game in the style of Pokémon Go uses the NFT model –

The market of non-exchangeable tokens (NFT) is becoming a place of more and more innovative ideas. The Spanish platform is giving away hundreds of dollars in cryptocurrencies to “hunters” in the world of augmented reality (AR). This is a Pokémon Go-style game that takes place in the city of Viga. About the case they write local media.

Pokémon Go in the blockchain era

The project is part of the OVR promotional campaign. This promotes its “a platform for decentralized reality augmented with open source code ”.

To increase the interest in its token, the company placed it in AR Treasure chests“From NFT containing various amounts of OVR tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. They are hidden in strategic points of the city. The participants of the game are required to use the designated mobile application during the “hunting” and must connect with it via their profiles on social media.

As with Pokémon Go, “treasure hunters”Armed with the OVR application on their smartphones, they can wander around the city in search of NFT crates.

Entrepreneur Antonino Comesaña stated in the media that he went on “hunting” with a six-year-old son.

We found a full chest – with a hundred tokens – and we were making two or three dollars a day. Only the price [tokenów] rose and one morning we managed to collect even to […] 475 euros. I gave them to my son – recalls Comesaña.

Hunters “they only get one reward per day”Because the creators “They want to encourage new people to play in order to promote the use of cryptocurrency.”

Source: OVR

The second goal of the campaign

However, it seems that paying attention to the token is not the only purpose of OVR. The media adds that the application divides the city into 22 districts and offers advertisers the ability to place ads in the AR world. All this to catch the eye of treasure hunters. This can be done by purchasing an NFT issued by OVR.

One advertiser paid “$ 1,783 to $ 4,753 for 22 AR billboards” at the Balaídos Stadium, home of Celta Vigo, the city’s La Liga football club. Other popular spots for treasure hunters are the Alameda de Bouzas park, the Príncipe shopping district, and the Vigo maritime station.

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