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October 4, 2022
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The GPW blockchain platform will be launched this year –

Already this year, the GPW blockchain platform may be launched. The assumption is to associate companies at an early stage of development with potential investors and operate on the principle of crowdfunding. In addition, it is to enable investing in game project tokens.

WSE in a new version

– The Warsaw Stock Exchange in its strategy WSE 2022 very strongly emphasized the issues of social investing, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting. We have grouped initiatives in this area under an umbrella which we called the WSE Private Market. In this umbrella of various activities, the first one that we launched was a crowdfunding platform for brokerage houses – said the news agency Newseria Innowacje Marek Dietl, president of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

WSE Private Market is a very interesting project. It is to enable Polish investors to invest using new methods. They are mainly equity and debt instruments.

“Thanks to the change passed in October 2020, the collection limit increased from the previously allowed million to 5 million euro. Thus, the WSE hopes that more brokerage houses will join the platform (so far one office has decided to take such a step) “

– explains Newseria.

– This is quite a significant issue, considering the conditions of Central and Eastern Europe – over PLN 20 million. So we hope that more brokerage houses will join our crowdfunding platform – Marek Dietl added.

How it’s working?

WSE Private Market operates through equity crowdfunding (it concerns the issue of shares), the platform also provides issuers with additional functionalities. It is about, for example, the tools thanks to which companies present their offer to investors. The goal is to create a secondary trading platform for digital assets in the form of tokens.

The second leg of this venture is the issuing of tokens that give the right to participate in economic benefits but do not constitute a financial instrument. So tokens cannot be exchanged for stocks or futures, but they provide some set of economic benefits – explained the president of the WSE. – The real interest of investors appears when there is a secondary market. As in crowdfunding, NewConnect is a natural continuation of the secondary market form that allows you to exit an investment, there is no such thing for tokens. Thanks to the generous support of the National Center for Research and Development, we managed to create a team that is now building such a token trading platform based on elements of blockchain technology. We hope to launch it in the second half of the year – added.

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