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October 4, 2022
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The Market Cap of the Crypto Market is over $ 1.1 Trillion

Bitcoin shows what it came from and the Crypto Market passes $ 1.1 trillion

The largest digital currency in the world, created by Satoshi Nakamoto, lives days of historic highs followed by throwing the entire crypto market up. It seems that the crypt mother takes her children (the altcoins) by the hand and takes them all to the moon, as they say: “To the Moon!” – Yes, because Bitcoin has a 70% dominance over the market.

In addition, Bitcoin’s Market Cap, today, is more than $ 775 Billion, surpassing the giant Tesla of Elon Musk that was recently making memes about Dogecoin and ended up generating a hype, having the crypto appreciated 200% since then.

Analysis of CointradeCx
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Market Cap Ranking by Companies

Now, BTC comes with strength to seek $ 1 Tri of market value and reach the powerful Google. Always remembering that we are talking about the largest private companies in the world and Bitcoin is not a company, but it can be a concept, a technology, a digital currency, a store of value, … or all of that.

And Bitcoin continues to beat ATHs

And after tweaking fundamentalist data, we can’t help looking at the BTC chart. Every day, the biggest cryptography in the world is hitting new ‘All Time High‘(Historic highs).

At the time of writing this article, the highest price recorded at Bitstamp is incredible $ 41,802.84 – simply impressive. For the Brazilian to have an idea, Bitcoin was traded today, at a brokerage in the country, at a price of R $ 230,000.00. That’s right! 1 BTC = R $ 230k!

Bitcoin Graph

And rising!

Many analysts estimate that digital currency could reach $ 100,000 later this year; If so, how can we say?
– It’s still cheap.

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