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June 28, 2022
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The price of BTC has dropped to around $ 31,000. The biggest buyers –

There is still a lot of uncertainty on the BTC market. However, analyzing what is happening on cryptocurrency exchanges can be reassuring. It turns out that falls are, in the eyes of many investors, a great opportunity to buy Bitcoins.

The price of BTC has dropped? This is a shopping opportunity!

Although the cryptocurrency exchanges were red yesterday, some analysts have noticed that BTC is being purchased by some investors in the background.

As noted by Piotr Ostapowicz, YouTuber and cryptocurrency analyst, you can now observe record withdrawals of coins from exchanges. In turn, the influence on the stock exchanges is low. As he believes “They still sell short-term HODLers and those who have funds deposited on exchanges.” “Someone’s Strongly Buying It” – added. He also recalled that, for example, Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, recently announced that his company plans to buy Bitcoins with a total value of almost $ 500 million. The company currently has over 92,000 BTC.

Will we drop below $ 30,000?

However, Ostapowicz is of the opinion that the drops are not over yet.

“On the graph [widać] the downward breakout from the triangle, as we talked in the last video, but interestingly, the Wyckoff accumulation pattern is still realized in the watch “, stated. He himself wants to buy BTC at the level of USD 29,000 – 30,000.

He also noted that the declines were fueled by negative news:

Today, you pay around USD 34,000 for 1 BTC. That’s 2.2 percent. more than yesterday, but also approx. 9 percent. less than a week ago. In turn, for 1 ETH today you pay about USD 2,500, which is more or less the same as yesterday and 7 percent. less than 7 days ago. You have to pay $ 352 for Binance Coin. This means a decrease of over 8%. compared to the price of a week ago.

DogeCoin is losing a lot – as much as 17 percent. on a 7-day scale.

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