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October 5, 2022
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The prosecutor’s office warns against Aspen Holding –

Sub-Carpathian Branch of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów warns ahead of Aspen Holding. People who “Declared their intention to invest their financial resources and took actions initiated by the entity’s representatives” are asked to “Informing the nearest police or prosecutor’s office about this fact”. Moreover, Fr. “Applying directly to the Provincial Police Headquarters in Rzeszów of the Department for Fighting Cybercrime”.

Aspen Holding under the magnifying glass of services

According to the announcement of the Sub-Carpathian Branch of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów, the services supervise the investigation “On frauds when making financial investments, i.e. buying Bitcoin cryptocurrency on investment platforms via the aspenholding.com website.”

What exactly is it about? We learn more from the announcement:

“Recruitment of people interested in investing in cryptocurrencies took place via media information containing a link with a link to the Aspen Holding website. Contact with each of the victims took place by phone on the initiative of people claiming to be customer advisers, including from numbers with an initial combination of 48 71 716 (…). After making contact, a number of financial operations were made using foreign internet exchange offices and investment platforms. The findings of the investigation so far indicate that the disclosed victims lost all invested funds. “

Multi-million losses

Gazeta Wyborcza also wrote about the case.

– Losses exceed several million zlotys, and individually they range from 1 thousand. to over 700,000 zlotys. The victims come from all over the country – she reported in the pages Wybcza.pl subinsp. Marta Tabasz-Rygiel, spokesman for the Provincial Police Headquarters in Rzeszów.

It is known that fabricated interviews with celebrities were used to promote the project.

– These were most often interviews in which public figures were to encourage investments, e.g. in cryptocurrencies through the Aspen Holding entity. These articles were faked each time. Links to them were substituted, among others, by on popular social networks – said the chief inspector. Tabasz-Rygiel.

For this, various manipulations and tricks were used.

In order to put pressure on buyers, fraudsters introduced a countdown timer in their articles, arguing that there was a limited number of registration places. In order to register, it was necessary to provide personal data, telephone number and e-mail address. Soon, the “consultant” called the person interested in the investment back at the number provided. In the interview, he ensured about the legal activities of Aspen Holding and the possibility of obtaining quick investment profit. To start cooperation, it was necessary to pay an entry fee of $ 250, which allowed to set up an individual investment account – added the representative of the police.

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