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October 3, 2022
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The total volume of Uniswap exceeded USD 50 billion. – Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

According to the protocol’s founder, Hayden Adams, the combined trading volume of the Uniswap decentralized exchange has exceeded $ 50 billion. Adams shared this milestone on Twitter adding that it was broken down into 26,000 unique trading pairs.

In an earlier tweet, Adams wrote that trading on Uniswap consumes 420,000. dollars a day. This means that the annual gas fees are over $ 150 million. According to ETH Gas Station, Uniswap consumed $ 12.7 million of gas in the last 30 days.

Adams added that the trillion dollar volume is not out of the question and created a mini-survey on when to achieve this result. Almost half of 1,200 respondents believe that Uniswap will reach a trillion in volume by 2021.

Many people congratulated the creator of Uniswap. However, several people have asked about the “rug pull” failure, the fake tokens that are common on the platform, and the financial losses resulting from this particular data.

When is Uniswap v3?

Another frequently asked question was when is Uniswap v3 likely to come out. The third installment of the popular DEX has already appeared on Github in late September, however, had not yet been put into mass use.

In the third version, features such as dynamic transaction fees, the ability to create trading pairs without the need to have both assets and a very low level of slip tolerance are expected. These features will likely also be deployed to tier 2 scaling and fast, low-cost Ethereum transactions.

The official inauguration will probably take place soon, although a specific date has not yet been announced.

TVL DeFi reaches ATH

According to Defipulse.com, Uniswap’s Total Locked Value (TVL) rose 2.6% in the last 24 hours to $ 1.37 billion. This puts him in fifth place on the TVL list, right behind Aave. The UNI price has risen 3.6% in the last 24 hours to $ 3.38.

The total amount blocked in DeFi protocols has returned to its ATH, which is $ 15 billion. This means an increase of 2,100% from the beginning of the year. The Maker holds the highest position. $ 2.67 billion is blocked in this project, which represents 18% of the market share.

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