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August 15, 2022
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The works of the famous painter will be sold as NFT –

Vladimir Baranoff-Rossine was a Russian painter of Jewish origin. For this avant-garde artist and inventor. Now his family will put up a collection of his works for sale. The initiative also includes a number of images that will be digitized and sold as NFT.

Vladimir Baranoff-Rossine in the NFT market

IN Brave New Coin podcast, NFT Mintable CEO, Zack Burks, noted that the upcoming Russian painter’s auction may be the best-known example of tokenising a physical image and selling rights to it in the form of tokens.

– This is a historic event, we have never had anything like this in the NFT ecosystem before – said Burks. – The NFTs have been around for three years, at least on Ethereum, and there has never been a tokenized work of art. It has always been something we talked about in the NFT ecosystem, but it has never really been achieved, and especially not from someone who has the rights to Vladimir Baranoff-Rossine’s paintings – added.

Baranoff-Rossine’s grandson, also Vladimir, said the combination of pure-physical art and blockchain technology fits well with his grandfather’s legacy. Baranoff-Rossine was an inventor, as well as a sculptor and painter. He was known for his avant-garde experiments and works combining sound, color and technology, such as “Octophonic piano”.

Collection for big fish

In connection with the auction, Mintable expects interest from art collectors and the so-called whales from the cryptocurrency market.

I like NFT, I collect NFT and when I see it I want to buy it. I want to hang it on the wall, I want a work of art at home, and I want an NFT by the way. This is the beauty of the idea – said Burks.

It is worth adding that so far NFT have been associated rather with modern art and contemporary music. The Kings of Leon group has recently released their album – also in the form of tokens. In addition to rockers, Grimes, a well-known singer and private partner of Elon Musk, sold their NFT graphics.

In turn, Musk himself recently wanted to sell his song and visuals to it. Except that in the end he… changed his mind.

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