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November 27, 2022
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There will be a new type of series based on NFT –

The manufacturing company AMM wants to enter the NFT market. The company plans to launch a 12-episode series “Crypto Keepers”. It will be based on non-exchangeable tokens. The premiere will take place next year.

AMM has an idea for a new type of show that will be based on NFT

The series will be based on the heroes who will be represented in the form of tokens. Mysteriously added that it is about creation “Another digital currency similar to bitcoin.”

We already know that although “Crypto Keepers” is based on fictional events, the scenario is to contain references to important events in the world of cryptocurrencies.

– Crypto Keepers is part of our strategy of storytelling understandable to all nations, up-to-date stories that pioneeringly bridging the gap between East and West AMM Executive Director Bizhan Tong said.

Tong also said that the production-related NFT series will be expanded with various functions. It will include, for example, interactive options straight from the video game market, thus allowing viewers to “collect scenes, characters and props” that are part of the story.

Hong Kong-based CryptoBLK will develop the NFT series. In turn, the investment management company YG Capital, Phoenix Waters Productions and AMM will finance the project.

What else do we know about the series?

The action of the series is said to take place in Asia. What else do we know about the series? A little more. So far, the media has been informed mainly about technological issues, ie the NFT. We don’t know the names of the actors who will appear in the production or what exactly the series will be about.

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly appearing in pop culture. For example, in October, in South Korea, the premiere of the drama series “Romantic Hacker”, which focused on topics related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The cryptocurrency theme also appeared, for example, “Altered Carbon”. The series ran until 2410. During this period, all bitcoins have been mined. The authors of the production showed that in the world they created, they are used to pay in the criminal underworld.

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