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October 3, 2022
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This is the Next Bitcoin Purchase Point

Who did not catch lost 3 entries, see the 4th Bitcoin Purchase Point

From the moment that the price of Bitcoin breaks the triangle in H1 and throws upwards, operating on a break we would have 3 entries – or rather – 3 points of purchase of Bitcoin:

  1. LTB breakout at the close of the $ 35019 candle
  2. The breakout of EMA89 at the close of the $ 35776 candle
  3. The break of the EMA200 at the close of the candle at $ 37354

All of these points would be good breakthrough entries for a graphic figure.

With the breaking of the triangle pattern, the price tends to confirm the double bottom and fetch the top again in the resistance zone between $ 41213 and $ 41778. But we started to see signs of rejection on the chart, which indicates that the price must make a correction before reaching the target. This correction arrives at the 4th Bitcoin Purchase Point!

4. The Pullback that plays in the first correction zone since the whole movement until here after the break. This point is the support where there was a first price rejection and it also coincides with the touch again on EMA21 (blue line) – This primary purchase zone is at $ 38220.00.

More in the long run, the point of purchase is another

For those who like to operate with multiple inputs, a second point is the tangent of the LTA (upward trend line). This is the limit point, because if the LTA is broken, all the EMAs are broken and then it turns back down, so the stop would be something below this zone.

In a long-term view, the strongest support zone is in the blue region between $ 32,705 and $ 34576, but we will only talk about touches here again if the trend side turns again. At this moment the trend of HIGH and let’s look up hoping to test ATH again.

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