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November 29, 2022
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Time magazine to launch videos about Bitcoin

Confirmation comes directly from CEO Michael Sonnenshein in a tweet:

Excited @Grayscale is partnering with @TIME in a new series of videos this summer explaining the #crypto space.

Just as important, @KeithGrossman & @TIME has agreed to be paid in #Bitcoin – and will keep $ BTC on its balance sheet. A novelty for our media partnerships!

According to the CEO of Grayscale, a series of videos with a cryptocurrency theme will be published on Time, curated by Grayscale. But the other tasty snack that emerges from the tweet is that the Time, for this disclosure, will be paid in bitcoin.

That way, Time will also have bitcoin on its balance sheet.

Time could not have chosen a better time, as bitcoin today has reached a new maximum history above $ 63,700.

Bitcoin and Time, the relationship between the magazine and cryptocurrencies

Time seems to be increasingly receptive to the cryptographic space. In the last few days, he also entered the NFT market, transforming three covers in non-fungible tokens.

In addition, the magazine recently opened the cryptocurrency payment for your subscriptions.

Time has become another big name entering the cryptocurrency industry. However, it is still a niche. As Tyler Winklevoss pointed out in a tweet, there are currently 40,000 companies listed on the stock exchange, but only 32 of them have bitcoin on your balance sheets. In short, Tempo (which is not listed) is an outlier.

What is certain is that the partnership with Grayscale is likely to have a significant dissemination effect. Time has millions of readers worldwide who are now potentially exposed to videos in Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

At a time of exaggeration in the market, this initiative is also very useful to prevent those who are attached to FOMO (fear of losing) from making mistakes.

After all, as you commented Anthony Pompliano about the partnership between Time and Grayscale:

Bitcoin is inevitable

Source: Cryptonomist

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