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October 4, 2022
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To Holders, 3 great Bitcoin Entry Points, but …

$ 40k resistance indicates 3 great Bitcoin Entry points

After breaking the triangle, Bitcoin rises again and gave a good opportunity for Day Traders, especially for those who operate Rompimento.

Analysis of CointradeCx
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In a longer chart time (H4), after making a double bottom and breaking the resistance at $ 36,400, the price of Bitcoin goes up (giving day traders a profit) but fails to break the resistance at $ 40k.

At this point, we were able to visualize important supports in the graph. There are 3 great entry points into Bitcoin and when we say ‘entry’, we mean buying. Good opportunities for Hodlers or enthusiasts who were left out.

And why believe in Alta?

First, graphically, the trend in H4 is entirely HIGH. The price is still above all averages and these references help us to draw up a Trading strategy.

Another point is because we are on the verge of a coronavirus solution which can leverage the economy and Bitcoin as well.

And one more question: Institutional investors are coming in, right.

And what are these entry zones?

The points 1 – $ 37,543 | point 2 – $ 32,430 | point 3 – $ 30,272 – These are 3 great Bitcoin Entry Points because they indicate important graphics supports where the price usually holds and returns to the other side.

Now there is a point 4, more or less at $ 29,340, there in red indicating Danger. This is a decision point. If the price gets there and break down, it’s time to turn your hand over the operation as this sign indicates fall.

The chances of a downward trend reversal are small, but we need to talk about that. Every decision has specific conditions. We need to be aware of the data.

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