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October 4, 2022
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Tokeneo for sale for PLN 2.5 million –

The Polish Tokeneo platform, which includes, among others the stock exchange, exchange office and news service are for sale for PLN 2.5 million. The company also informed about “Temporary suspension of the operational activity of the Tokeneo Market website”.

Tokeneo for sale

Tomasz Rozmus, his boss, spoke more about the backstage of the platform’s activities so far. We found out where the suspension of the services and the idea for sale came from.

It turns out that Tokeneo began to have a serious problem regarding cooperation with banks that terminated the contract with the company. In 2020 alone, more than 4o banks did not want to cooperate with the cryptocurrency company. Some of them froze its capital. This could not but affect the company’s liquidity.

– We are forced to suspend our activities, we cannot finance the Tokeneo project anymore because we simply ran out of money for operating activities – Rozmus was saying.

Problems have led to the fact that the entire platform – payment processor, tokenization application, cryptocurrency exchange, exchange and news service – is now for sale for 2.5 million. PLN. As Rozmus claims, this is an attractive offer, because the cost of creating such infrastructure could be even more than twice as high.

What about customer funds?

The question is, however, what about the funds of the company’s customers that were deposited on the platform. What is worth adding, in the statement on Friday, the company claimed that it was only “temporarily” suspending its operations. Now we know the platform is disappearing for a long time and even if it does come back it could mean a different name, image etc.

Rozmus informed during the streaming that people who have funds on his platform can submit complaints aimed at their payment. You can do it directly from the platform or send a message to the e-mail address: support@tokeneo.com.

The problem is there. Customers’ assets are not now directly available to them. The payouts will depend on the banks’ unfreezing funds to the company and the possible sale of the aforementioned infrastructure. The order of payments will in turn depend on the order in which the complaint is filed.

You will find the entire, more than an hour-long statement by Tomasz Rozmus in this place.

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