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May 28, 2022
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Top 5 coins for the fourth week of April

Fourth week of April was bullish for most of the market after Bitcoin’s recovery

An extremely positive fourth week in April for most of the crypto market. Pulled by the strong rise of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have performed mostly (very) well in the past few days. With the proximity of halving and the optimistic movement of BTC, it is possible that we will still see a week like this until the event arrives.

In this analysis we will show the performance of the 5 cryptocurrencies with the biggest gains in the last 7 days. Only currencies that are, during the writing of this text, in the general top 100 in market capitalization will enter the list. All the data below were obtained through the CoinMarketCap.

DigiByte (DGB)

Considered a serious problem for Bitcoin, in altcoins volatility acts as an attraction. It is no wonder that DGB returns (again) to our list, this time in a prominent position, doubling in price in a space of 7 days.

In the last list, we point out that the currency had risen well in March, going from $ 0.004285 to $ 0.007723 last Sunday. It is currently worth $ 0.015547, more than 3 times the initial amount registered in March. Is it little or do you want more?

Current amount: $ 0.015547

Earnings in the last 7 days: 99.95%

Market capitalization: $ 203,260,292

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 36

Aave (LEND)

Following the wave of BTC, LEND managed to obtain excellent gains in the week, which place it in the second position of our list. The currency started to recover in late December 2019 and, until then, has sought to stabilize.

Current amount: $ 0.037541

Earnings in the last 7 days: 48.73%

Market capitalization: $ 48,803,774

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 84th

MaidSafeCoin (MAID)

MaidSafeCoin is a very old currency, dating from 2014. It is another one that falls into the “recovery” group after being traded for $ 1.17 in January 2018. Currently, MAID is worth $ 0.099753, less than 10 % in relation to its ATH (all-time high).

Current value: $ 0.099753

Earnings in the last 7 days: 43.60%

Market capitalization: $ 45,143,414

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 88th

Unibright (UBT)

In contrast to MAID, UBT is a very young currency, having emerged in mid-2018. Presenting an excellent performance, Unibright has just achieved a new ATH.

In 2020 alone, the UBT has already valued more than 15 times the price registered on January 1.

Current value: $ 0,288788

Earnings in the last 7 days: 42.62%

Market capitalization: $ 42,912,415

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 92nd

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Another young currency, ENJ has been very volatile since its creation. This week’s 35% gains mark a price spike after the bullish movement initiated by the currency in mid-March. The $ 0.1518 annual top recorded in February is close to being hit.

Current amount: $ 0.140013

Earnings in the last 7 days: 35.40%

Market capitalization: $ 114,078,827

Position in the cryptocurrency ranking: 51st

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