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August 9, 2022
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Toscanizzazione – tokenized land and wine –

Poles feel more and more confident on the blockchain and tokenization market. The new project will enable investment in Italian plots. And it’s from PLN 100! It’s about Toscanizzazione and TOS1 tokens that just debuted on the Mosaico platform. What is the main idea behind the initiative? We already translate!

Toscanizzazione enables you to invest in land and wine

The name Toscanizzazione comes from the words Tuscany and tokenization. As the originators say, investors can stay by taking part in the project “Landowners and agronomists”, by the way “To produce some of the best wines in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Tuscany.”

The assumptions of the project are quite simple. With its help you can “Contract land in Italy”. All this is possible thanks to the TOS1 tokens that have just debuted on the Mosaico platform, which is backed by a well-known influencer and tokenization expert, Rahim Blak. Each of the tokens gives us the opportunity to use 1 m2 of land in the form of a token for 40 years, which is also a blockchain contract.

However, the above is not all. 1 token is not only 1 m2 of the vineyard. It is also 1 milliliter of wine that will be produced with it. The drink produced on such a surface can then be sold or drunk on its own. As the originators add, “It will also be possible to come to a beautiful vineyard, which the Tokenholders and the Issuer will buy together” and spend some free time there.

How to buy a TOS1 token?

So how do you fulfill your personal dream of a vineyard in Italy and self-made wine? It’s easy. The process of purchasing a token and starting wine production on the Mosaico platform takes only 6 minutes. Importantly, the entire investment is protected by writing on the blockchain. In turn, tokenized wine can be traded on the Kanga Exchange.

– Now you can become one of the first people to become part of the business that we plan to scale to 7,000 ha of land covered with vineyards and agrarian business by 2030. We build value not only for real estate, but also for the family business behind it – says the president of the company “From Italy to Poland”, Ariel Goczoł about the project. – In the first issue, we selected 3 vineyards, the issue started on March 25 on the platform mosaico.ai/toscanizzazione he adds.

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