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June 25, 2022
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Trump attacks Bitcoin once again. This time it says BTC is SCAM

Former US president Donald Trump has once again attacked Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In an interview with Fox Business, he said he thought Bitcoin was “SCAM”.

Donald Trump: Bitcoin Seems To Be A SCAM

Trump, in a Monday morning interview with Fox Business, was asked if Bitcoin should be regulated. The former president said he should and emphasized the essence of the American currency.

My opinion is this – the currency of this world should be the dollar and I don’t think we should have all these Bitcoins in the world. I think they should regulate them very, very much, but the currency should be the dollar.

The former president added that alternative currencies such as Bitcoin “take the advantage and importance of the dollar.” Later in the interview, he also said that “Bitcoin just appears to be a scam.”

Latest negative news

Notes come as cryptocurrencies receive increasing attention from companies, governments, and private individuals. China recently plunged the market into a bloody correction when Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He called for “cracking down on Bitcoin mining, trading, and resolutely preventing individual risk transfer to the social field.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whose comments have had a huge impact on the cryptocurrency markets, has also caused a sharp drop in cryptocurrency prices in recent weeks. Musk announced that his company is suspending the use of BTC as a payment method for purchasing electric vehicles. Tesla’s CEO referred to environmental concerns related to Bitcoin mining. Especially in places like China that use fossil fuels.

Musk also caused Bitcoin prices to drop last week. All thanks to a tweet in which he placed a quote from the Linkin Park song, the hashtag #Bitcoin and the broken heart emoticon.

Yesterday, the well-known hacker group Anonymous sent a warning to Musk in connection with this tweet. The team says Elon “spoils dreams and destroys the lives of working people.” The syndicate announced that the head of Tesla this time hit equals and said that he “expected them”.

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