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October 2, 2022
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Twitch director Shaan Puri “moves 25% to Bitcoin” and says: “rare opportunity”

“Bitcoin is the only asset that you can irresponsibly buy,” said Shaan Puri

The latest individual to join Bitcoin was Shaan Puri, senior director of products, mobile games and emerging markets for the popular streaming service Twitch, a subsidiary of Amazon.

“I switched 25% to Bitcoin”, tweeted Puri on Thursday. He did not share how much BTC that 25% represents, but said: “For everyone who says you have 90% … the denominator is important.”

Sharing a view on his decision to invest in Bitcoin, Puri called this a “rare opportunity” and, like everyone else in the cryptocurrency market, he thinks this bull run is different from the last one, when BTC hit a high of almost US $ 20,000.

“I think it is a rare opportunity to lead a wave of institutional capital that will enter BTC in the next 2 years. And I think people think that this time reaching $ 20,000 is “just like the last time”, but it’s not for many reasons! ” Puri said.

Puri is just one of many people who became Bitcoiner in 2020, as the price of the biggest digital asset has risen more than 155% in the year.

Currently trading around $ 18,500, Bitcoin is in an unstable market after reaching a new historical record, earlier this month.

Wall Street legends Stanley Druckenmiller, Paul Tudor Jones and Bill Miller have endorsed Bitcoin this year, while Rick Rieder and Larry Fink of BlackRock and Ray Dalio are talking about the huge interest in cryptocurrency and its similarities to gold.

Yesterday, Puri also tweeted about the 169-year-old MassMutual, which bought $ 100 million in Bitcoin, adding:

“Dinosaurs are coming.”

Before sharing his Bitcoin investment with the public, Puri also noted:

“Bitcoin is the only asset where you can go irresponsibly for a long time – and then everyone says it’s not enough. And they are probably right. ”

Source: BTC EG

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