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Understand the full potential of the resources offered by NULS

Decentralized services, modular infrastructure and cross-chain solutions from NULS are among the factors that trigger a renaissance of the blockchain.

THE NULS, a modular blockchain based on features like microservices for companies, has been highlighted as its demand increases, raising the price of its token (NULS) by more than 400% and its average trading volume in 24 hours by more than 1,000% since March.

Much of the recent interest in cryptocurrency is due to major developments in the project, including staking Bitcoin through Nerve Network (NVT), a decentralized network of services in digital assets and a blockchain protocol for cross-chain interactions, in addition to the completion of its decentralized Exchange – NerveDEX (NDEX). Not to mention that NULS got its first North American listing through the BitMart.

This occurred on June 18, when NULS was the first project listed on BitMart’s Shooting Star, which is nothing more than a digital asset trading section designed exclusively for selected blockchain projects. The platform, which simplifies the listing procedure for high-quality blockchain projects, made 100,000 NULS tokens available at a 20% discount. All allocated tokens were sold in just three minutes.

Brazil: how NULS was adopted by a country

In addition to the evident success in trade numbers in global exchanges, the performance of NULS in the Brazilian territory is notable. With BRL pair trading on the NovaDax exchange, the currency has been among the most traded in the country for some time. Currently, by the way, NULS appears in second place – behind only Bitcoin – in terms of the amount traded on the exchange. This makes it clear that the Brazilian investor bought the idea for the project and is filling the carts as news and development emerge.

Fantastic NULS performance in the BRL market. Source: coinmarketcap.com

Nerve Network: a new path towards cross-chain interactions

The Nerve Network released its global testnet on June 15, with plans to launch its mainnet in the first half of July. The interactions protocol aims to establish a cross-chain asset exchange network. Nerve Network will create a System for NULS where users can lock digital assets like BTC and other popular tokens on specialized nodes called virtual banks. These nodes will treat all digital assets, including BTC and ETH, as stake tokens and will generate consensus rewards in NVT for those transferred to Nerve’s blockchain.

NDEX: Decentralization arrives at NULS exchange

NDEX, a decentralized exchange from the NULS / Nerve Network, is currently in Beta and under testing. In the future, NDEX plans to simplify the token listing process for users, allowing anyone to create trading pairs and list new assets after burning a certain amount of NVT.

Upon completion, NDEX will offer native NULS projects an opportunity to guarantee a quick listing after a SCO Successful. This will make NULS the first complete concept solution to be offered natively on a blockchain platform.

Modular infrastructure and its importance for the NULS concept

“In July last year, we completely revised the NULS network, adding a modular microservice infrastructure,” said Mario Blacutt (Berzeck), who is a NULS developer and founder of Nerve Network. “We are not the same blockchain that we were in the beginning and, with the addition of Nerve Network and NDEX, we are rocketing past the closest competitions in terms of adaptability, cross-chain integrations and non-permitted solutions. The Nerve Network will offer tremendous value to the NULS network and we will finally notice the futuristic vision of a network and many chains. ”

Investments and news arrive in large quantities

NULS recently was classified just below Bitcoin and Ethereum in the featured research on mytokencap.com, which is not surprising considering a real waterfall of new investors in the project. Last month, NULS announced eight new institutional investors, in addition to its listing on Bitmart – as previously mentioned.

Similarly, Nerve Network received an undisclosed investment from Exponential Capital, XStarPool and TB Capital, in addition to announcing futures trading on the NVT / USDT pair on exchanges TokenBetter and BigONE.

NULS will also airdrop an NVT to its token holders in July, in a 10: 1 ratio. Several exchanges, including CoinTiger, one of the best trading platforms in the world, has already said they will support airdrop and token listing.

In addition, the Cryptocurrency Checkout now supports NULS. Sellers can use Cryptocurrency Checkout to accept NULS on websites and e-commerce stores thanks to Shopify, Bigcommerce and WordPress. They can also embed donation portfolios on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and more.

Latest updates consolidate the project

“Interest in NULS over the past few months has given us the certainty that we needed it in our decision to remodel the network,” said Reaper Ran, co-founder of NULS. “The NULS 2.0 infrastructure has helped to make us incredibly adaptable and more developers and investors are discovering the real value of our network. The Nerve Network takes us to a greater vantage point where we realize the cross-chain interoperability that we previously thought was impossible to achieve. ”

NULS finalized its 2.0 infrastructure in September 2019 with a total overhaul of services. The new architecture helped NULS to create unique products and services such as ChainBox, Chain Factory, POCM and the USDI – native Nabls stablecoin.

About NULS

NULS is an adaptable, open-source, enterprise-oriented blockchain platform that offers quick solutions for developers. With microservices, smart contracts, cross-chain interoperability and instant chain building, NULS sets a new industry standard in simplifying blockchain adoption.

For more information and updates on NULS visit www.nuls.io
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About Nerve Network

Nerve is a decentralized network of services in digital assets and a blockchain protocol of cross-chain interactions based on NULS microservices and developed with ChainBox, also from NULS. It aims to establish a cross-chain network of asset interaction and providing all the necessary support for the Defi application ecosystem. Nerve allows all holders of digital assets to enjoy truly secure, free and transparent DeFi application services.

For more information and updates on the Nerve Network visit http://nerve.network/
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Source: Yahoo Finance

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