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October 3, 2022
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Uniqly.io, Polish NFT startup. “Time to change the rules of the game” –

Uniqly.io is a Polish startup operating in the NFT industry. The team from Wrocław is building a bridge connecting NFT tokens with physical products. The market, escrow, the ability to create and trade NFT tokens and their materialization are only part of the ambitious assumptions of the project.

The public ICO phase starts on March 20 – you must sign up for a whitelist to participate.

What are NFT tokens?

Usually when we think of Ethereum we mean the classic ERC-20 tokens. The vast majority of projects built on the Ethereum network are based on this standard. This time, however, we are talking about the ERC-721 standard, thanks to which Non-fungible tokens (non-convertible tokens) function in the Ethereum network. So what’s the difference between the two types?

To put it very simply, NFT tokens based on the ERC-721 standard ensure the uniqueness of each individual token. Unlike ERC-20, as well as Bitcoin, each NFT token created by Uniqly can be distinguished from the others. What is an example use of such tokens? Certification of the uniqueness and originality of a specific good.

One of the most popular applications based on NFT technology is the famous Crypto Kitties. It is a game that allows users / investors to breed unique virtual kittens that can then be bred and traded. On the wave of popularity of cute kittens, many similar applications have been created that allow the exchange of unique digital goods between users. Most often they were virtual playing cards, collectible skins or memes.

Recently, however, the NFT market has started to develop in other directions as well. The Crypto Punks auction – procedurally generated, unique graphics depicting the title images has gained great popularity CryptoPunks. Each graphic is a separate NFT token, and their prices can reach up to millions of dollars.

NFT tokens are also gaining popularity in the NBA world. The popular NBA Top Shot platform is a market where users trade clips from basketball competitions. Recently, one of these clips, which is also an NFT token, was sold for over $ 200,000.

Therefore, let us treat the NFT token as a kind of unique quality certificate, which is used to mark individual goods.

Uniqly.io, Polish NFT startup

However, all of the above examples relate to the virtual world. In most cases, it is in this space that NFT tokens function. They are used many times in games or for purely entertainment purposes. Uniqly, the Polish NFT startup wants to change that.

NFT tokens can be used not only in the digital space. Thanks to this unique technology, which makes it impossible to counterfeit every single good, we can start confirming the authenticity of regular goods and products in every market.

Uniqly.io is the bridge between NFT and real world goods. The main goal of Uniqly.io is to bring real value to the NFT market. Uniqly.io is a fully functional ecosystem built to create and manage non-convertible tokens based on the value of real, physical goods

How does Uniqly.io work?

A striking element of the Uniqly.io platform is an extensive generator that allows you to create your own clothing and accessories, and then issue tokens that represent these items on the blockchain. Anyone can use this platform, but Uniqly.io focuses primarily on influencers and celebrities. Through the platform, those will be able to create special and unique collections for their fans.

However, this is not the end of the solutions. The token representing the good can be sold, used as a security or burned to obtain its content in physical form. Each Uniqly.io product has 2 QR codes sewn in. One of them confirms the authenticity of the token, the other confirms the transaction that burns the token. Thanks to this, we can easily confirm the authenticity of the product.

In addition, the platform has a built-in market where you can trade tokens between users and create a store and brand with a landing page for your product collection. As part of these solutions, Uniqly.io will also allow the materialization of other NFT tokens outside of its own ecosystem. It is this element that distinguishes Uniqly and is responsible for the implementation of the project’s mission. Poles want the NFT to function in material space in such a way that the token can be linked to a real good / commodity.

UNIQ – native platform token

The economy of the platform is based on the UNIQ token. Having UNIQ tokens will open the way to various financial and non-financial benefits on the platform. This includes: discounts on individual products and fees, dividends on platform profits, the possibility of staking tokens, as well as access to limited special collections, which will be reserved only for holders.

Public Sale ICO Uniqly.io.io starts in March

Uniqly.io has recently completed the private sale phase of its tokens. Interestingly, the closed funding round ended in 31 minutes. That was all the Uniqly.io team needed to sell out the second token pool worth $ 125,000. (Private sale took place in the form of a draw from investors previously entered into a whitelist).

In March, it starts the public sale phase. UNIQ tokens will be available to anyone who wants to purchase them. The ICO includes five funding rounds. Each subsequent one increases the selling price of tokens. The previously mentioned public sale starts the third round.


The project development plan is divided into quarterly phases which can be found on the project website. The information provided on the website indicates that in the first quarter of 2021 we can expect a public ICO phase and establishing relationships with contractors and product suppliers. In addition, Uniqly.io will put emphasis on the development of the platform and building a community around the project.

In the later stages of the project development, the team plans to list UNIQ on Uniswap, launching NFT staking. The NFT token generator will also be launched and the first drops will appear. These will all be in the second quarter of 2021. At the same time, the first tradable products will also appear on the market. Launch of the v2 version of the market is planned for the third quarter.

An interesting proposition in difficult times

Uniqly.io appears on the cryptocurrency market with a very interesting proposition. Especially at a time of such popularity of fakes flooding us from eastern markets. The ability to create authentic merchandising and fashion will allow manufacturers to protect their interests in the marketplace.

Importantly, Uniqly.io will really increase consumers’ knowledge of the origin and authenticity of products on the retail market.

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