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October 4, 2022
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UniWhales – whale tracking on Uniswapa –

World DeFi it changes very quickly. Few people are able to follow all new ones tokens and their volumes twenty-four hours a day. Now there’s a new whale tracking app Ethereumto make it easier.

UniWhales tracks ETH whales

We are talking here about UniWhales. It is an app that notifies subscribers of recent big transactions on the decentralized Uniswap exchange via alerts on Telegram. UniWhales keeps track of all new tokens ERC-20that appear on the market and their turnover.

Why can UniWhales be useful? Because the world of DeFi changes very quickly and there are innovations at every step. Plenty of project information is published online, prices can change significantly in seconds, and hacks are becoming more common. The founder of Uniwhales said for Decrypt:

“I think it’s important for Uniswap retail users and traders to know in real time where capital is moving in order to identify trends and movements in the market.”

Matt Aaron, who co-founded UniWhales with Timur, added:

Whales are the driving force of the DeFi market – this is a signal of where the market is headed. As a DeFi trader, when a coin can go up 40% in 30 minutes, you want that information ASAP. “

New, unknown tokens

The application has the “New / unknown tokens” channel. It displays new coins or coins with a low market cap, when the first transaction for 10,000 takes place. dollars. The channel identified a few coins that shot up in value in just a few hours (up to 10 times).

UniWhale users can also avoid the security problems that have plagued DeFi protocols recently. When Pickle Finance was hacked, sales appeared on the Telegram channel. Entrepreneurs need this information because investing in the DeFi world is very risky.

The basic version of the application is free. Users can also access a paid group where whale analyzes (e.g. profitability, largest trades, position size) and historical data on their movements are located. In addition, on December 7, UniWhales will launch a browser interface that will increase the functionality and the ability to view and customize data.

UniWhales strives to keep up with the ever-changing DeFi industry. Today, the app announced it would launch a new Telegram channel dedicated exclusively to SushiSwap movements – something the team didn’t plan on doing. According to the founders of the project, it will also monitor others over time DEX-y.

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