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June 28, 2022
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VaccineLedger – a blockchain is created that will facilitate tracking of COVID-19 vaccines –

Aiming to solve the supply chain problems that affect COVID-19 vaccine stocks in individual countries, Blockchain StaTwig and IT Tech Mahindra want to launch VaccineLedger, a blockchain that will help in the logistics of this type of medicine.


Blockchain StaTwig was testing its VaccineLedger solution, which is based on blockchain, in 2019. Tests continued in both India and the United States. The company has now partnered with the Indian giant IT Tech Mahindra to implement this type of system around the world.

VaccineLedger focuses on improving the transparency of vaccine supply chains, with the aim of anticipating and preventing problems such as inventory expiration, counterfeiting, quality control and availability. Just days after a failed vaccine swap between Israel and Britain – which led to the inevitable waste of about 1 million doses of Pfizer. The demand for this type of solution is more visible today than ever.

The technology solution of StaTwig is a combination of smart contracts and IoT technology. It is intended to help track those places in the world where vaccine stocks are about to expire. Working with Tech Mahindra, StaTwig will leverage the shared experience of both companies in resource scaling and system integration.

Fighting the virus

There are still significant inequalities regarding the coronavirus pandemic. While the countries of the North are doing relatively well with vaccination programs, the South looks tragic against this background. The former have so far accounted for 85% of vaccines produced. The worst situation is in countries with the lowest income of citizens.

While the development of a global logistics system cannot overcome the above political inequality regarding vaccines, it may aim to help global actors mitigate the worst impacts of waste, bureaucracy and delivery delays caused by logistical inefficiencies.

Rajesh Dhuddu from Tech Mahindra explained the scope and objectives of the product, stating:

Waste of life-saving drugs such as vaccines should be addressed first. We need to work together to find a solution effectively. Our strategic partnership with StaTwig will provide supply chain participants with a single application to improve traceability and supply chain. This will not only ensure the safety and validity of vaccine shipments, but also help you comply with the complex regulatory requirements set by the Drug Administration Office in any country.

Fourth wave?

Today, the fourth wave of COVID-19 cases hits, among others in Great Britain. Despite this, the authorities of this country have announced that they will no longer withdraw their decisions on lifting pandemic restrictions.

In Poland, the situation seems to be averted, although politicians are already announcing that a new wave of cases may await us in early autumn. Apparently, local lockdowns are to be associated with it.

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