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December 8, 2022
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VeChain Collaborates with AWS to Manage Carbon Emissions

-VeChain, the company that was launched in 2015 attends the Blockchain Summit in Beijing.
-VeChain is working on its aims to go big in Blockchain technology.

VeChain and Amazon have now collaborated in influencing the blockchain and cloud computing technologies for Carbon management with the targets set in China. Recently, VeChain member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) attended the AWS Beijing Summit with the other 150 members and guest speakers involved in brainstorming discussions on modern technologies.

Chief Technology Officer of VeChain Gu Jianliang said, “On the one hand, it allows enterprises to deploy quick, secure, and compliant blockchain applications, which is essential to promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Other than that, the blockchain technology provided by VeChain can be leveraged to create value for AWS’s clients. More importantly, the interaction and exchange between the VeChainThor ecosystem and that of AWS are giving rise to new business models and application scenarios, which brings opportunities for the two.”

It is impressive how VeChain is focusing on the real-world problems like the emissions of carbon, supply chain issues. The VeCarbon company has plans to establish an infrastructure which is carbon free using blockchain technology. The company is providing carbon-free solutions to enterprises, governments, factories and more.

Gu Jianliang has further said,“The diverse services provided by AWS can be used on demand, and be flexibly adjusted according to business needs. This method not only helps us reduce business expenses and negates the need for industry customers invest in expensive fixed assets, but it can be deployed in an off-the-shelf manner. This saves time, cost and makes full use of the tamper-proof and compliance features of the VeCarbon blockchain certificate, meeting institution’s audit requirements.”

VeChain is inspiring many other companies to take these drastic steps by focusing on real-life problems and making the world a better place.

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