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June 28, 2022
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Videos from the volcano-powered Bitcoin mining farm in El Salvador

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele shared a video on Twitter showing the new volcano-powered Bitcoin mining farm.

Nayib Bukele presents the “first steps” to building the Bitcoin mining farm using volcanoes on Twitter:

This is a video showing a large amount of ASIC Bitcoin mining equipment installed in a geothermal energy context. All with the logo of the government of El Salvador.

Among the comments, not everyone seems to be enthusiastic about the government’s decision to use the country’s energy to extract the queen of cryptocurrencies.

Salvadorans divided between supporters and opponents of the mining farm

Among the comments, not everyone seems enthusiastic about the government’s decision to use the country’s energy to exploit Bitcoin.

A girl’s tweet, for example, states the following:

“So, yes, there are plants to produce more energy, but for Bitcoin mining. People have been waiting for electricity for over 30 years! Why not help those most in need? HYPOCRITICAL”.

While a Salvadoran supporter would have answered the girl the following:

“Greetings Alx, the 60,000 families that lack energy, representing 5% of the population, are the most distant. That puts El Salvador first in Central America, it’s a great achievement. The cryptocurrency mining will be a big step forward for the country, so we can achieve a better future for the country”.

There are also many bitcoin supporters who retweeted the president’s tweet (there are over 11,000 retweets), commenting on how “impressive” was the new Salvadoran geothermal mining farm.

The new Salvadoran mining and geothermal energy from volcanoes farm

Nayib Bukele’s original idea of ​​using geothermal energy from volcanoes was shared with the public in June 2021.

In a tweet, the president said he had instructed the president of the state-owned energy company to devise a plan to provide bitcoin mining facilities with cheap, clean, renewable, zero-emission energy.

In essence, geothermal energy extracted from underground heat is clean, renewable and generates almost no harmful emissions. It’s also particularly cheap, especially if consumed locally.

Source: cryptonomist

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