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June 28, 2022
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We know the most popular password used on the Internet Blocksats

You certainly know the rules for creating secure passwords. Some platforms even require their users to have one (probably because most people would choose their “super secret” password). However, it turns out that still a lot of people underestimate this issue. What is the most popular password today? Stick to the desk, because in a moment you can fall from the chair …

Password difficult to crack

Let’s clear one point first. It’s not like a secure password (let’s remind you: with special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers) fully protects you from hacker. Except that they should be as original and complex as possible to maximally protect your account from hacking.

However, it turns out that among the 1 billion passwords from various data leaks, the most common is – yes, do not regulate the receivers – “123456”. Also, “protection” against hackers was used up to 7 million times. Converting it into percentages, it gives 0.7 percent. passwords. At least such conclusions result from the analysis carried out by the young IT specialist Ata Hakçil.

It turns out that out of 1 billion passwords only over 8.8 percent. does not repeat, which means that it has a unique character. What are the passwords? Their average length is 9.7 characters and most can be “read”, i.e. they are not chaotic clusters of letters, characters and numbers. Only 7 percent contains special characters, the rest consists of letters and numbers.

The most common password, however, is the “123456” mentioned above.

Be original

But how do you stand out in this field? It is worth noting that every third password ends in numbers, but only 4.5 percent. has numbers at the beginning. Over 28% consists only of letters and 26% only lowercase. As many as 1 million of the most popular passwords accounted for 36 percent. all strings in the analyzed set.

In addition, the study author noted that there was a set of 40,000 in the database passwords with 10 characters, which had the characteristics of “good” keys (that is, they consisted of letters and numbers, not appearing next to each other on the keyboard), but nevertheless they were repeated surprisingly often. It is possible that these are “works” of one of the popular password managers on the market.

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