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December 5, 2022
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Why don’t I give you my bitcoins! – Bitcoin Radio # 3 |

Giving up to cryptocurrencies is an extremely difficult passion. In addition to the slogans of the technological revolution, you must constantly deal with accusations of fraud, swindles, strange protocols and a multitude of people who do not understand what this bitcoin is about. Today, we will not answer these questions, but we will focus on important events in the world of bitcoin and blockchain.

What’s up in the grass?

Elon Musk promotes DogeCoin! This is another recent mention from this person. I have the impression that we do not even realize that celebrities (or more broadly, personalities) still have a big impact on the world of cryptocurrencies. Indirectly and indirectly. After the recent hacking incident, Elon Musk decided to promote Dogecoin. What was the effect of this? 14% increase in the value of this funny cryptocurrency! What does this show? This is a slightly more serious problem …

This week we also witnessed another BNB burna coin. It is the largest event of its kind in the history of Binance. We will take a close look at the project’s quotation and also take a look at where all these activities are headed.

We will also raise a difficult topic related to the situation around the KryptoRaport channel. One of the largest and most popular YouTube channels has been removed from the platform. We will look at the backstage of this situation as well as mention other similar events.

In addition, the latest episode will appeal to all football lovers. We will talk about Sorare’s football collector game, as well as the approach to working in blockchain in China.

Bitcoin Radio Episode 3 has just landed!
Until next time!

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