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June 28, 2022
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Will Ethereum outperform Bitcoin? – Bitcoin Radio Podcast # 2 |

We have another episode of Bitcoin Radio ahead of you – the coolest cryptocurrency broadcast in Poland. If you did not have the opportunity to trace all the most important news from the world of cryptocurrency last week – do not worry! I collected the interesting ones in one episode.

In the second episode of Bitcoin Radio, I am struggling with post-holiday disorganization, which effectively hindered my return to work. Fortunately, the cryptocurrency market was kind to us at that time, and we have not encountered a great revolution that could not be made up for. That is why we will calmly go through the list of the most important events of this week.

Today in the ether

The story of how Binance bought Swipe by entering the arena of cryptocurrency debit cards. This is another acquisition after the purchase of Coinmarketcap. Apart from the desire to make a profit, are there noble reasons for promoting the adoption of blockchain technology in the mainstream?

There was shocking information in the title! Ethereum actually surpasses Bitcoin in terms of the number of active addresses. There are two reasons for this behavior that we are thinking about on Bitcoin Radio. What’s more, Bitcoin strengthens its position of digital gold. As we learn from research, more and more bitcoin users are breeding and fewer and fewer want to sell it.

We will also move to the surroundings of the Polish Bitcoin community – the last edition of BitcoinTej in Poznań took place in an unusual environment. Participants had the opportunity to meet by the fire. I wonder if any focal ballads about Bitcoin have already been invented …

To be heard on the wave

These and several other topics are covered in the second episode of the Bitcoin Radio podcast. Therefore, if you are hungry for information from the world of cryptocurrency in a slightly looser version – I invite you to listen. We hear in the ether!

Jędrzej Jezierski.

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