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August 9, 2022
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Willy Woo: by 2025, 1/8 of the population will be associated with BTC –

Well-known analyst from the BTC market, Willy Woo, predict, that ultimately as many as one billion people will come into contact with Bitcoin. This result will be achieved much faster than most of us think.

Willy Woo: BTC adoption continues

In a new interview with Real Vision Finance, Woo said BTC adoption is growing at an impressive pace.

This thing [tj. BTC] has been growing continuously for 11 years and [skala adopcji] doubles every 12 months. That gives us 4%, then 8%, and so on. We are currently on track for a billion people to have exposure to Bitcoin as an asset class over the next four years. By 2025, 1/8 of the world’s population will be exposed to this monetary base. It all happens very, very quickly – He said.

The analyst says Bitcoin is still in the early stages of development when it comes to adoption. It underlines, however, that in the coming years, we will witness a sharp increase in this process. In his opinion, the bitcoin year 2021 is the equivalent of the internet year 1994, when the global network was just beginning.

– In the next four years we are going to teleport to 2005 (…) If you think about it, in 1994 we had a very slow dial-up internet. Very few people used it, but the network grew rapidly. In 2005, we were all on Facebook. The iPhone was just around the corner and the internet was available to anyone in the world. The next four years will bring a lot of changes to the financial system, that’s for sure – added.

Bitcoin took a different path from Amazon

Woo notes that large tech companies like Uber and Amazon often take off with an initial investment of several million dollars, and end up with initial public offerings (IPOs) and hundreds of billions of dollars. According to Woo, Bitcoin just took a different path.

– The only difference at the moment is that Bitcoin happened to have a publicly announced price that anyone could see, anyone in the world had access to buy this asset right away – He said.

Today, BTC costs around $ 60,000. It’s about 3 percent. more than a week ago. The question is how much it will be worth when 1/8 of the world’s population has it.

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