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Wilson Chandler, the NBA star, invests in cryptocurrencies –

Famous basketball player Wilson Chandler He admittedthat he invests in cryptocurrencies and NFT. During an interview with Cointelegraph, he told how he learned about the existence of Bitcoin and many other issues.

Wilson Chandler talks about BTC and NFT

Chandler told Cointelegraph that he first heard about cryptocurrency from the “kids” he played Fortnite with. It was in 2017. Fascinated by the idea, he bought Bitcoins, ETH and Stellar. However, he admitted that the beginnings were not very successful.

I lost a lot of coins doing stupid things – recalls.

Then it was supposed to be much better. The basketball player even invests in NFT today. Last month, he revealed that he has become the proud owner of the CryptoPunk series tokens. It is about the first ever NFT collection. We wrote about her here.

However, this is not the end. Only a few weeks later, the athlete announced that he had made the first ever “Digital shoe deal”. It’s about cooperation with CryptoKickers. Of course, basketball stars signing shoe deals with the biggest brands in the world are not a new phenomenon. However, CryptoKickers designs one-of-a-kind streetwear inspired shoes for virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels and The Sandbox.

Zed Run

Right now, however, Chandler’s true passion is Zed Run. This is a collectible racing game based on Polygon. It has attracted the attention of fans and the media due to its growing popularity and the amazing sums it generates. For the basketball player, however, it is the social and educational elements that attracted him to the project.

– It’s a great way to meet [cyfrowej] space, getting there, exploring, community involvement. Hell, I can finally breed and race with digital horses, chat with my friends there and meet new people. It’s just fun to the fullest. And this interaction and commitment sometimes leads to new opportunities and other things that can be just as fun and profitable for me – He said.

Athletes in the NFT market

NFT adoption in the sports market should come as no surprise given the success of the NBA Top Shot token series. The Dapper Labs product commemorates the most interesting moments in the history of basketball. He “stores them” in the form of the aforementioned tokens. It also became a sales hit.

Chandler believes this could be the start of a new trend.

The NBA has always been more progressive than most leagues – He said. As he noted, “Fans and players are leaning towards the NFT.”

However, as he adds himself, these are still the beginnings of the NFT. He points to former Brooklyn Nets teammate Spencer Dinwiddie as “A pioneer in the NBA when it comes to blockchain.” Dinwiddie decided to tokenize part of his contract, which forced the league to “Sit down and pay attention to it.”

We’re at the Atari stage, wait until we get the Playstation 5 Chandler summed up.

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