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November 29, 2022
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Zaigar Finance Announces Snapshot for Airdrop of Farming Coin

After completing the audit of its own Defi exchange and new farming token, Zaigar Finance announces the snapshot for the airdrop of its new ZFAI currency.

The snapshot will take place this Thursday around 20:00.

Due to new partnerships and other advances that will be implemented in the platform, Zaigar Finance decided to launch a new token, the Zafira (ZFAI), which for ZAIF currency holders, is another excellent opportunity.

The ZAIF token had its pre-order completed in less than 20 hours and reached a capitalization above 1000%, and remains with a valuation above 400%.

Current currency holders have everything to gain from the launch of the new ZFAI currency, as in the early days of Farming and Staking the currency used will be the zero rate ZAIF for investors.

ZAIF will also no longer have minting and it continues to be burned under contract and will be increasingly scarce.

The new ZFAI currency will have no transfer fee, will have an issuance limit of 180,000,000 coins and will be issued 4 per block on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network, which occurs every 3 seconds on average.

In the ZFAI coin issuance, 10 million tokens were pre-mined to be placed in the currency’s locked liquidity, another 10 million for the current ZAIF coin holders via 1:1 airdrop, and another 1 million for Exchange marketing actions.

To participate in this Airdrop that will be paid on 20/08, just have 1 or more ZAIF tokens in your wallet or liquidity at the time of the snapshot, fractions below 1 ZAIF will be disregarded.

The snapshot will be in block 9783600 of the network, right after Farming and Staking options are released, and 85% of the ZFAI tokens generated will be to reward holders who stake or farm in Zaigar Finance.

To follow the snapshot just visit the Binance Scan website at https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/9783600

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